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Back and Sciatica pain relief Kailua, HI Oct20th 2023

Back Pain and Sciatica Are No Match For Aquatic Therapy

Back pain is difficult to live with daily, but it is something that almost everyone will experience at some point during their life. Lower back pain is the most prevalent type of back pain, and it can occur from various causes. Back discomfort can be caused by actions you do daily without realizing it, such

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Aquatic therapy Kailua, HI Oct10th 2023

Aquatic Therapy Before Surgery Can Speed Up Recovery!

Do you have surgery coming up? If so, you probably have a long list of things you need to do to prepare for your operation. To add to that list, one important thing is scheduling a consultation with a physical therapist at Moon Physical Therapy in Kailua, HI! Many people mistakenly believe that physical therapy

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Balance therapy Kailua, HI Sep20th 2023

Break Through Your Physical Limits Using Balance Therapy

Is balance getting in the way of your ability to do everyday tasks? Have you noticed you’re not as steady on your feet as you used to be? Fortunately, you can get your balance checked at Moon Physical Therapy in Kailua, HI and learn to stay steady on your feet doing what needs to be

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Aquatic therapy Kailua, HI Sep10th 2023

Aquatic Therapy For Children With Special Needs

Are you looking for a fun, safe place for your child with special needs to get exercise? Did you know water’s natural properties can help reduce the symptoms associated with common childhood disorders? At Moon Physical Therapy in Kailua, HI, our physical therapists work with children with special needs in our therapy pool to help

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Aquatic Therapy Kailua, HI Aug20th 2023

How Aquatic Therapy Can Help Your Health and Well-Being

Have you struggled with pain? Are you dealing with an injury or recently had surgery affecting your regular routine? Our highly skilled physical therapists are dedicated to helping you get your health back and doing what you love! Whether you have recently had surgery, recovering from an injury (old or new), aquatic physical therapy at

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Balance disorder therapy Kailua, HI Aug10th 2023

How Physical Therapy Can Help Improve Your Balance Issues

Do you feel dizzy doing your everyday tasks? Are you worried about your balance and wish you could get your balance checked? At Moon Physical Therapy in Kailua, HI, we are experts at identifying the factors affecting your balance and, most importantly, how to improve it! Most people take their balance for granted or assume

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Aquatic therapy Mililani, HI Jul20th 2023

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Low Back Pain

Are you fed up with persistent lower back pain affecting your daily life? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to walk, bend, and stand? You may benefit from aquatic therapy! Are you looking for something different than the typical land-based programs that have not helped your pain? At Moon Physical Therapy, in Mililani, HI, our team

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Balance therapy Mililani, HI Jul10th 2023

Physical Therapy Can Help You Get Back Into Balance

Do you frequently notice an imbalance, dizziness, or unsteadiness that makes you feel as if you may fall over at any given time? Have you suffered from a fall in the past? Are you worried that you may be at risk of sustaining a fall-related injury? Loss of balance can happen at any age due

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Jun20th 2023

Improve Your Pain With Aquatic Therapy

Are you tired of dealing with persistent pain? Have you noticed that your arthritis is getting in the way of ordinary daily tasks? At Moon Physical Therapy in Mililani and Kailua, our physical therapists use the natural healing properties of water to alleviate pain while restoring mobility and improving your overall health and function abilities!

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