Total Joint Replacement

Raymond L.

The work that Julie and her staff did for me is immeasurable. If you have physical pains, I recommend going to Moon Physical Therapy for treatment without any reservation.

If you have received a total joint replacement of the knee, hip, or shoulder, physical therapy can help you make a smooth recovery.

At Moon Physical Therapy in Mililani and Kailua, our clinic provides joint replacement physical therapy rehabilitation to patients with limited mobility due to a replacement procedure. We also provide therapy to those experiencing impairing joint pain even if they haven’t undergone replacement surgery yet!

Are your joints a constant source of pain? Moon Physical Therapy can help provide you with some relief. Request your appointment today.

Common causes of total joint replacement:

Total joint replacement surgery can be a last resort for many patients, however, it is typically recommended for those who:

  • Live with chronic pains. If your pain is constantly affecting your daily life and no other treatments have seemed to help, your doctor may suggest surgery.
  • Have severe joint damage. This is typically the result of arthritic debilitation, either from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.
  • Experienced a severe trauma to the joint(s). There are certain injuries that can only be addressed through surgical treatment, depending on how critical the damage was.

It is important to discuss things with your primary physician first if you believe you may be in need of total joint replacement surgery. On the other hand, if you have already received total joint replacement surgery, it is likely that your primary physician will refer you to a Mililani and Kailua physical therapist for part of your recovery treatment.

How can physical therapy help me?

Our physical therapists at Moon Physical Therapy will provide a treatment plan for you that will assist in restoring your range of motion, flexibility, strength, endurance, and overall mobility.

Physical therapy will be important in the rehabilitation process for your total joint replacement. These treatments can also benefit you both before AND after your procedure, in order to make sure that your recovery process is as smooth as possible.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

If you’ve never seen a physical therapist at Moon Physical Therapy before, there’s nothing to fear! Your initial appointment will consist of a thorough physical examination to determine what course of treatment will be best for your specific pain condition.

Your physical therapist will create a specialized treatment plan based on your evaluation, aimed at rehabilitation and restoring your optimum physical health.

In the beginning of your treatment plan, your appointments will consist of passive physical therapy, which is primarily focused on pain relief and recovery. This kind of treatment includes manual therapy, gentle therapeutic exercises, or any other combination of treatment services that your physical therapist deems for your treatment plan.

When your passive therapy is finished, you will continue into active physical therapy treatments in the water or on land. These will include strengthening exercises that you will do with the aid of your Mililani and Kailua physical therapist, in addition to at-home treatments that you will do on your own.

Recovery from a major surgery, such as a hip replacement, can be a long process. Patients will often get discouraged by the slow speed at which their energy levels and range of motion return to normal. One of the major benefits of using aquatic therapy is that patients seem to enjoy it more. And when patients enjoy their rehab it leads to better results and faster recovery.

Aside from the impact on a patient’s mood, there is a rising amount of proven clinical evidence that points to the benefits of aquatic therapy following surgery.

  • Exercising in water reduces the risks of slips and falls. It allows our patients to push themselves further by doing stretches and exercises they would be reluctant to do on land for fear of injury.
  • Water promotes circulation, which decreases inflammation and pain.
  • Reduces stress on healing joints. Underwater, the body is up to 80% weightless – this means less pressure and increased mobility.
  • Because the benefits in water include less pain and greater flexibility, it is easier to build up strength and range of motion.
  • In addition to promoting a faster recovery, aquatics benefit your overall health increasing strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular function.

All of these different aspects of your treatment will all help in making your recovery as quick and comfortable as possible, all while improving your normal function!

If you believe you could benefit from our total joint replacement rehabilitation services, contact Moon Physical Therapy today at Mililani & Kailua, HI. We will get you back to living your best life, free from pain and limiting joints!