Cardiac Rehabilitation

Feel better, live a heart-healthier lifestyle and regain strength with our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.


What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

We are one of a few practices to offer specialized cardiac rehabilitation, on land or in water. This program can be lifesaving for many people with cardiovascular disease or those following heart surgery or a heart attack. It can help you feel better physical and emotionally, give you greater control over your health, and prevent future heart problems and cardiac events.

Our patients are supervised closely monitoring their blood pressure, blood oxygen level, heart rate and level of exertion, as they are guided through warm-up, endurance, strengthening and cool-down exercises tailored specifically for their diagnosis and personal goals.

Paul’s Recovery From An Aortic Dissection

Paul’s emergency aortic dissection left him weak and tired. At the recommendation of his doctor, he came to Moon Physical Therapy and took advantage of their specialized cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program.

Through the use of several therapeutic modalities, such as Aquatic Therapy, and careful monitoring of Paul’s vitals, he was able to recover his endurance, strength and get back to living his life again.

Click on the video to see more about Paul’s story, or click below for more details.

Want to get started with our Cardiac Rehab Program?

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