Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Been In a Motor Vehicle Accident? Physical Therapy Can Provide Pain Relief.

If you have recently sustained an injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident and are experiencing pain symptoms, Moon Physical Therapy in Mililani, and Kailua can help provide relief. Our Mililani and Kailua physical therapists are trained in car accident injury recovery and know the necessary techniques and tools to help you recover for all types of motor vehicle injuries.

Your search for pain relief ends here. Let Moon Physical Therapy can provide peace you’re looking for.

How can physical therapy help auto accident injuries?

There are several types of injuries that may be sustained after an auto accident. You might have a reduced range of motion, stiffness in your neck, back, shoulders, or other area, headaches, or aches and pains.

There are many, many reasons to undergo physical therapy after you’ve been in a car crash, because this kind of treatment supports the recovery process and can also prevent long-term damage from a car accident, including migraines and chronic pain.

Unfortunately, not all symptoms appear right after a car accident. Physical therapy can help you to keep pain symptoms away, improve flexibility, increase strength and recover faster after your injury.

The sooner you begin receiving physical therapy after a motor vehicle accident, the less likely you are to start experiencing pain symptoms.

Specific benefits to physical therapy after a motor vehicle accident include:

Decreased need for surgery

Physical therapy can prevent you from having to undergo expensive operations. Therapy strengthens ligaments, tendons, and muscles, which protect the body’s structures. It’s also a much more cost-effective solution.

Improves symptoms of vertigo

Physical therapists can even treat dizziness and vertigo due to a car accident. In as little as one treatment, they can fix a dysfunction in the vestibular system.

Restoring Function

Physical therapy can also restore function in patients with car accident injuries from the past. You can still benefit from physical therapy even if you were in an accident years ago. Our therapists at Moon Physical Therapy can use cardiovascular rehab techniques and strength training to help relieve old pain symptoms and improve mobility. Physical therapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment, plus you won’t wind up having to rely on pain medications for relief!

Reducing Pain

The number one benefit of physical therapy is that it helps to reduce pain. Therapeutic exercises pump oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the injury site and speed up healing. Every exercise and stretch prescribed by a physical therapist has a specific goal for recovery and improves function and mobility. Our Mililani and Kailua physical therapist will develop a customized treatment plan targeted to your injury.

There are several types of physical therapy treatments used to treat motor vehicle accident injuries, including:

Here at Moon Physical Therapy, we take a holistic, or natural, approach to healing for car accident injuries. Our physical therapists in Mililani and Kailua can also provide services for neurological rehab, cardiovascular, pulmonary rehab, orthopedic, and pre- or post-op care.

Do you have an injury?

The most serious injuries that result from motor vehicle accidents are ones received to the head and back. Head injuries can lead to vision and hearing problems, as well as skull fractures and concussions. With a concussion, you may also experience dizziness, vertigo, and headaches.

Other common car accident injuries include herniated discs, neck and chest injuries, and whiplash. Whiplash can be extremely painful and severely limit your movement. The sudden movement of the neck and head in a car accident can cause whiplash. Blunt force trauma from a car accident can collapse lungs and break multiple ribs.

Long story short, car accidents can result in a wide variety of injuries. For a quicker recovery, it’s best to get started with physical therapy treatments at Moon Physical Therapy in (town.)

Ready for serious pain relief?

If you’ve recently been in a car accident and sustained an injury, or are feeling the repercussions from an accident that occurred years ago, Moon Physical Therapy is here to help. Contact us today to get started on the path toward recovery and relief.

At Moon Physical Therapy, we’ve helped many others recover from a car accident injury and can help you too. If you are in Mililani and Kailua or the surrounding area and need immediate pain relief, request an appointment with Moon Physical Therapy today at Mililani & Kailua, HI. Let our trained physical therapists help you feel your best again.