McConnell Taping

McConnell Taping, also referred to as “patellar taping,” is a technique coined by Australian physiotherapist Jenny McConnell to help reduce pain and improve function in patients with Patellar Femoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS). This technique focuses on mechanical realignment of the patella (kneecap) within the intertrochlear groove (the undersurface of the kneecap) in order to relieve pain and regain physical function. If you are suffering from knee pain due to injury or PFPS, McConnell Taping may benefit you! Contact Moon Physical Therapy to find out more about this treatment and how it can help provide relief.

What does McConnell Taping do?

The overall goal of McConnell Taping is to allow you to participate in daily activities and physical therapy treatments without being limited by pain. There are several different taping procedures that can be provided, depending on your needs, including the glide, tilt, or rotation. However, McConnell states that almost all patients are in need of a medial glide for the patella.

The tape used for the McConnell Taping technique is a specialized adhesive that is applied across the kneecap, pulling from the sides to the middle, in order to “medialize” the patellofemoral joint (PFJ), or bring it back to its central location. Once the tape is applied, you should experience reduced symptoms of PFPS, which allows you to comfortably participate in physical therapy treatments. The strapping procedure of McConnell taping enables a safe and pain-free way to exercise, and should be implemented during any and all physical activity until the PFPS symptoms subside. The main benefits of McConnell Taping include:

  • Improvement of muscle strength
  • Improvement in muscle timing
  • Improvement in joint range
  • Improvement in joint loading
  • Changes in muscle activation patterns
  • Changes in joint position

Will McConnell Taping work for you?

If you are suffering from PFPS, your treatment plan will likely include McConnell Taping; however, this technique can also be used to treat other knee injuries or conditions. If you are suffering from knee pain, one of our highly trained Mililani or Kailua physical therapists will conduct a physical evaluation to determine what treatment plan will work best for you.

If your knee pain is limiting your physical abilities, contact our Mililani or Kailua physical therapy office to schedule an appointment today. Moon Physical Therapy will help you regain your function and get you back to comfortably doing the activities you love!