This article was originally posted in the August-September 2017 issue of Generations Magazine.

Back surgery is a serious procedure and often requires significant recovery time. Exercise is a critical part of healing, although during the post-operative stages, patients must be careful to avoid undue stress on the surgical site with certain activities, bending, lifting or twisting.

How Aquatic Therapy Helps

The gentle environment of water allows patients to perform movements that they are unable to perform on land. The warmth of the water allows patients to increase their range of motion without severe pain.

Buoyancy supports weak muscles and reduces stress on the spine, while the water’s resistance improves muscle tone and increases cardiovascular function.

Aquatic Therapy and Janet’s Back Surgery

Janet Shaw, 75, underwent back surgery in January. Her goal was to swim in the Mermaids Hawaii Mother’s Day show in May. But her aquatic therapy program enabled her to participate in a swim show in March!

Too much activity after surgery may slow recovery or damage the surgical repair. But aquatic therapy can be a safe and effective tool during the early stages of spinal care, and facilitate an easier transition to land exercises.

And just like Janet, it can help you reach your goals and return you to the activities you love as soon as possible.

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