Have you struggled with pain? Are you dealing with an injury or recently had surgery affecting your regular routine? Our highly skilled physical therapists are dedicated to helping you get your health back and doing what you love!

Whether you have recently had surgery, recovering from an injury (old or new), aquatic physical therapy at Moon Physical Therapy in Kailua, HI can help. Our physical therapists use the most advanced treatment programs, including aquatic therapy, to resolve all types of musculoskeletal disorders.

Getting to the root of the problem is essential to provide solutions that offer long-lasting results. Fortunately, our physical therapists at Moon Physical Therapy in Kailua, HI understand how important a whole-body assessment is to find all the factors contributing to your situation and can guide you through, step by step, a program tailored to your personal needs.

If you’re struggling to recover from injuries and pain that are interfering with everyday activities or just looking for help to make life healthier and more active, request an appointment with our specialists at Moon Physical Therapy today!

Why should I choose aquatic therapy?

There are several reasons to choose aquatic therapy over land-based therapy or to combine aquatic and land therapy to get results. Physical therapy, including aquatic therapy treatments, has been shown to help resolve pain and improve function and enhance your overall health and well-being.

Water’s natural properties set the stage for a highly therapeutic environment to address your physical impairments. Buoyancy helps alleviate the pain associated with arthritis by providing a gentle decompression of the joints. Most degenerative conditions in the lower back and lower extremities feel relief from this decompression, allowing pain-free movement and exercise.

Buoyancy also helps to support the body and reduce the impact of gravity while performing exercises. The deeper you stand, the more water supports your body, making it easy for our therapists to adjust the intensity of your exercises.

Hydrostatic pressure, inherent in water, helps inflammation in your body related to an injury or recent surgery. It is also helpful for athletes recovering after an intense training session.

Water has a unique property whereby our therapists can progress a movement or exercise by increasing movement speed. The faster you move, the more resistance water gives you. It is also possible to adjust currents or create turbulence in water to make it more challenging to perform while simultaneously remaining safe without risking losing your balance and falling.

The benefits of aquatic therapy make it an effective way to implement exercise training to improve your function and help you get back to an active lifestyle. At Moon Physical Therapy in Kailua, HI, we will develop an individualized aquatic therapy program that includes targeted mobility work, pain relief techniques, strengthening, and other appropriate water-based techniques.

Benefits of physical therapy at Moon Physical Therapy

Physical therapy at Moon Physical Therapy will help uncover the underlying reasons for your injuries and/or pain and guide you back to health. We will start with a comprehensive evaluation that includes a thorough medical history and movement screen. Our therapists will use the information to design a program, including aquatic therapy when appropriate, for your specific situation.

Your Kailua, HI physical therapist can help you restore your function by addressing the following limitations:

  • Loss of motion
  • Weakness
  • Poor posture and faulty movement patterns
  • Gait abnormalities
  • Loss of balance
  • Coordination deficits
  • Neurological impairment

Our team of physical therapists will educate you about ways to move in safer ways that use your energy more efficiently, reduce the risk of re-injury and enhance the overall effects of your care. The benefits of physical therapy treatments include easing pain, reducing spasms, increasing circulation, and promoting healing.

Aquatic therapy is an excellent way to start a physical therapy program safely. Our team is highly skilled at using whatever therapeutic intervention we need to ensure your results. Often we will combine targeted manual therapy, mobility work, and modalities with aquatic therapy with helping alleviate pain and improve mobility.

As you progress, we often shift to strengthening, in and out of the water, and begin working on exercises to stimulate your nervous system and prepare your body for the demands of an active lifestyle.

Our programs will include exercises with clear descriptions to perform at home that ensure you maintain your improvements and prevent future issues from limiting your function.

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The mission of our physical therapy clinic is to use compassion, encouragement, and motivation in treating our patients and clients. We provide outstanding and personalized skills as movement and rehabilitation physical therapists through excellent customer service and results!

Our goal is to positively impact people’s lives and improve their quality of life. Your therapy will be centered around helping you get back to doing the things you love without pain. We understand that no two pain conditions are alike, and no two treatment plans should be either.

Contact Moon Physical Therapy to learn more about our aquatic therapy and the benefits of physical therapy for helping you achieve your goals!

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