Category: Shoulder

Oct9th 2020

Lani K.

As soon as I started my first session, I knew Julie and her staff love what they do. They are always pleasant and they are always watching to make sure the exercises are done correctly. I’ve learned a lot from my time at Moon PT. I’m actually sad that my sessions are over, but that just means that PT was a success.

Oct9th 2020


Julie and her staff was extremely helpful in diagnosing my shoulder issue, prescribing exercises, and monitoring my progression. At the end of my sessions, I feel I’ve gained 90% of my full movement range. I’m completely satisfied with Moon Physical Therapy.

Sep29th 2020

Damien K.

Besides the location is very convenient for me, this place is great for rehabilitation. What makes this rehab work is the fun conversations with each therapist, so the time passes fast. It is also the individual attention you get every time, unlike some other places I've been. From day 1 I've seen progress in getting me back to normal use of my shoulder.