Category: Pre/Postnatal

Oct9th 2020

Jennifer P.

I came to Julie with pain in my right and left hip joint. I was having pain when walking, standing, and sleeping. After several sessions of manipulation and stretching the pain was much less. They help me feel better and help me deal with the stresses put on my body by pregnancy. I will continue to stretch and do the exercises as long as I can for the rest of my pregnancy because I believe it will make it easier for me and I will feel better.

Oct9th 2020


I came to Moon Therapy after herniating a disk in my lower back while pregnant. I was unable to sit, stand, or walk for nearly 3 weeks. The aquatherapy was amazing – it took the pressure off my spine and allowed me to move with significantly less pain. I consider myself fully recovered less than 2 month since the injury. Thanks for everything!