Category: Hip/Knee

Oct9th 2020


I have a history of Osteoarthritis in my knees with frequent falling, pain, limited range of motion, poor balance and numbness in my feet. After 8 treatment sessions of aquatic therapy I improved 80%. Walking and standing became easier and I was able to return to baking again!

Oct9th 2020


I was experiencing extreme pain in my right hip and lower back that was preventing me from doing even basic movements at home much less going out. Other treatments failed to correct the problem. Once I began treatment at Moon Physical Therapy, I experienced an improvement in mobility and reduced pain almost immediately. I am now pain free and I have unrestricted mobility - what a relief!

Oct9th 2020


The healing process began when I first met Julie Moon. I felt “hope” in her deep concern for my knee problem. I can say it is with comfort to know, through consistent exercise, instructed at Moon Physical Therapy, I can resume my favorite pastime – walking. My heartfelt appreciation goes to Julie and her cheerful staff.