Common Reasons to Visit Your Physical Therapist

Did you know that physical therapy can be used as a natural form of pain relief to treat a wide range of conditions?

Unfortunately, it is often only after attempting more traditional medical approaches such as surgery and prescription painkillers that people realize physical therapy sessions are an excellent way to relieve chronic pain and other recurring symptoms.

If you have any of the top five most common aches and pains, you could benefit from physical therapy.

Continue reading to learn more about common conditions that can be treated with physical therapy at Moon Physical Therapy, as well as some of our top natural healing recommendations!

Do you have any of these conditions?

1. Back Pain

Back pain is one of the biggest reasons that Americans visit the doctor each year. Back pain can be the result of a wide variety of different injuries, illnesses, and chronic conditions.

The World Health Organization estimates that in the United States, 149 million days of work are lost due to low back pain.

You may be experiencing back pain due to an overuse injury, a degenerative disease, sports injury, or other common environmental factors.

But whatever the cause, there’s a good chance that your back pain is preventing you from completing simple everyday tasks like getting out of bed or climbing the stairs without feeling pain.

Physical therapy can help to address the root cause of your pain, increase mobility, reduce inflammation and much more.

2. Headaches

Recurring headaches are no laughing matter and can make getting through the day seem nearly impossible. In many cases, frequent headaches are a sign of injury in the neck or back.

Working with a physical therapist to target the cause of your recurring headaches can reduce the severity of your head pain or eventually eliminate them altogether.

In fact, as stated by Choose PT, “There is effective treatment for almost every type of headache.” Working with a physical therapist in Moon Physical Therapy can help you identify tension-reducing exercises and help you find long-term relief from headaches without the need to rely on pain medication.

3. Neck Pain

It’s common to experience neck pain for a variety of different reasons. You may notice neck pain spring up after an auto accident or as a result of poor posture.

Neck pain is often very difficult to cope with and treat with traditional medicine. However, physical therapy and massage can relieve the muscles in the neck, reduce swelling, and help to restore your natural mobility.

Physical therapy, regardless of the root cause of pain, has been shown to help with neck pain. For those trying to prevent costly procedures or dangerous drugs, physical therapy is a completely safe, natural, and effective mode of care.

4. Joint Pain

Arthritis and other forms of joint pain can increase in severity as we age. However, people of all ages are at risk of developing joint pain, especially following another traumatic injury.

And for those who are overweight or obese, joint pain can become a chronic health issue that prevents one from enjoying the simple things in life like taking a walk after mealtimes or getting in and out of the car with ease.

Joint injuries don’t always happen because of an accident. They can also develop slowly over months or even years.

You might notice that the pain also ebbs and flows depending on the time of day. Certain sports, jobs, hobbies can cause you to put excessive stress on certain joints over and over again, which could very well lead to pain.

Working with a physical therapist to develop a personalized treatment plan can help to manage your joint pain and other symptoms naturally.

5. Traumatic Injury

After experiencing a traumatic injury, your body requires plenty of time to heal and recover. But in today’s busy world, many people must get back to work as soon as possible following an injury.

Physical therapy can help your body to heal more quickly and efficiently after a traumatic injury or surgery.

Physical therapy is an ideal post-surgical healing option and designed to help you reach your rehabilitation goals without the use of prescription pain medications.

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If you or a loved one is experiencing recurring pain as a result of an injury or a degenerative condition, physical therapy is an excellent way to help your body heal naturally.

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