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Should I See a Physical Therapist for Herniated Disc Pain? Oct20th 2022

Should I See a Physical Therapist for Herniated Disc Pain?

Discovering When it is Time to Seek the Help of a Physical Therapist A herniated disc can occur anywhere in your spine. At our physical therapy practice, we often see herniated discs among our patients with back, arm, and/or leg pain. If you believe that your pain and dysfunction may be caused by a herniated

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Oct10th 2022

Living With Pain? Don’t Turn to Opioids

Physical Therapy Can Provide You With Faster, Safer, and More Effective Relief Than Opioids Long-term opioid consumption is not a good strategy for chronic pain management. In addition to the risk of addiction, opioids simply reduce the pain that comes as a result of a bigger issue, rather than solving the problem at hand. Physical

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Stay Away From the Dangers of Opioids Sep10th 2022

Stay Away From the Dangers of Opioids – Instead, Opt for Physical Therapy

Did You Know Physical Therapy Could Provide You With the Relief You Need? Do you take opioids to manage your pain? Well, you’re not alone. Health care providers in the US write over 200 million prescriptions for opioid pain medication every year. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has even issued guidelines about this

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Stepping Down Pain Free - Moon Physical Therapy - Featured Image Jun1st 2018

Stepping Down, Pain Free

If you find it difficult to walk downstairs, then learn about a better method for stepping down. Reduce pain and avoid injuries with this technique.

How to Climb Stairs Pain Free - Moon Physical Therapy - Featured Image Apr1st 2018

How to Climb Stairs, Pain Free

Learn how to modify the way you climb stairs to keep the upward motion pain free. Follow this step-by-step (ha!) method to avoid potential injuries and strain.

The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy - 01 - Moon Physical Therapy Apr1st 2017

Manage Diabetes with Aquatic Therapy

Treating diabetes with a safety-conscious aquatic-based therapy program helps increase energy, and improve physical and psychological well-being.

Strategies to Ease Morning Stiffness 2 - Moon Physical Therapy Feb1st 2017

Strategies to Ease Morning Stiffness

Use these strategies to help reduce morning stiffness and get rid of those aches and pains you feel when getting out of bed each day.

Dec1st 2016

Prevent Injury When Caring for Kids

Even for the fittest of grandparents, taking care of grandkids can really take a toll on your body. The most common areas of injury are the neck, shoulders, back and knees. Here are tips to prevent those aches and pains...

Avoid Luggage Injuries - Moon Physical Therapy Aug1st 2016

Avoid Luggage Injuries

Neck, shoulder or back injuries are often due to wrestling with heavy, overpacked luggage. Repetitive pulling, pushing, lifting and lugging bags in and out of cars and overhead compartments, and up and down stairs can stress your body and potentially ruin a trip.